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15 Feb 2019
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Sanibel Fare

2018’s best bakery went to Totally Baked, located in the long-time location of MacIntosh Books at 2407 Periwinkle Way. They have been open since December 2015. The owner, Ginny Wagner said that the name has two meanings. “Everything here is baked” and “It plays off getting baked in the sun.”

Cooking and baking is deep in Ginny’s background. Her great grandmother, Florence, graduated from culinary school in England in 1896, and she inherited a box full of her recipes. “This is her dough, and, man, it’s amazing.” She makes everything from glazed, sprinkled, jelly or cream filled to muffins, fresh baked cookies and even beignets. She arrives each morning at 1 AM to get started.

Ginny is known for her sweet treats and baked goods, but she also oven roasts her meats for her sandwiches as well as bakes all of the breads and biscuits. All their products are prepared locally, so you know you’re getting the freshest ingredients. With the shortest time possible between the oven and your mouth watering experience. When they are through with a ham and / or turkey, they will use the bones for making soups.

She also serves breakfast sandwiches and her biscuits and gravy are always fresh.

Definitely one of Sanibel’s hidden treasures, open 8 AM  to 2 PM Monday to Saturday and closed on Sunday’s.