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3 Dec 2020
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Today is Wednesday, December 2 (the tail end of 2020, thank goodness).  We are experiencing the coldest morning in about 10 months, with lows in the mid-40s on Sanibel.  For people who live in Florida year-round, this is cold.  Not polar-bears-on-the-beach cold, but enough to actually put on a coat and (dare we say it?) LONG PANTS!

But for those who just got here from where snow is common and temperatures fall faster than the leaves, days like today (we’re lucky if we reach 68 degrees) are cheerfully warm and they’re ready to jump into the Gulf (average water temperature this week is 75 degrees).  This cartoon pretty much sums it up.


This year it’s actually early for us to be this chilly, as we usually expect a short period in January where an Artic Blast or a Polar Vortex reaches all the way South and leaves us with highs only in the 50s and freezing wind chills.  One night about 12 years ago, we actually reached below-freezing temperatures and faced the shocking sight of ice on our windshields.  Do you know how hard it is to find an ice scraper in Miami? We suspect many a credit card was ruined when they were used as makeshift scrapers.

Still, visitors enjoy the sunshine and relative warmth compared to blizzards and below-zero days back home (where a day in the mid-30s seems warm until summer comes).

As you know, many people move to Florida from northern states either periodically (“snowbirds”) or permanently at some point in their lives.  One thing we notice is how days like today seem frigid and it didn’t feel like we got cold so easily in the North.  We actually dread going up North in the winter fearing we will freeze solid.  A common thought it that the years we’ve spent here has “thinned our blood out.”  Actually, it has nothing to do with our blood, but our nervous systems reacting as we acclimate.  There is also a thought that we lose some of the fat that insulates us in colder weather.

But, as the weather outside is frightful, our visitors find us delightful.  And since there’s no place we’d rather they go, LET IT SNOW (up North)! LET IT SNOW (ok, it can snow in Georgia)! LET IT SNOW (just NOT HERE!)!

Book Direct and Save! (and dress warm today).