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19 Dec 2017
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Vacation Rentals

Over decades, the word has spread.

Sanibel Island is the ideal vacation spot.

A barrier island full of topicality , surrounded by moving and still waters and home to 245 species of birds, 50 varieties of fish in our waters, 250 kinds of shells and 15 miles of beach, it appeals to a wide array of people.

And, now, we are seeing two special occurrences.

Summers , which are considered off-season, are quite popular with visitors from out of the country. Listening to snippets of conversation at the beaches and restaurants, you will hear more foreign languages than English spoken. It is not only our attractions bringing in Europeans and Canadians, it is our pricing structure. Prices on the island, particularly when compared to beach locations in European countries, are quite modest. For a nature island, a top priority for many vacationers, Sanibel offers a wide array of amenities, and that appeals to American and out of country visitors as well.

And while there has always been heavy demand for winter , high season rentals, there is additional interest. The last several years of cold, snow and ice along the east coast, mid west and even west coast has created a bigger demand for both homes and condos on the Island.

We are finding very little availability to offer to guests who are seeking a warm, colorful and inviting respite for the months of January through March, with December now turning into a viable contender for popular months of the year.

Right now , as one example, among condos offering 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for two consecutive weeks in February, there are only 4 - 6  units open in our portfolio as we compose this blog post. Private homes are even more scarce, for the month of February.

And while we would like to believe that our service and accommodations are superior, with bookings in advance of other properties, the truth is that scarcity appears to be an island wide phenomenon.

So for any and everyone entertaining a dream of a lush tropical escape in South West Florida , we can only repeat an oft stated truism: He who hesitates is lost.