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For weather and beach condition reports please visit the below links: 

Be sure to monitor local media for updates related to Southwest Florida and the islands.  Some websites to follow include: - Local News – The City of Sanibel’s official website

During Storm Season

Regardless of the forecast, please exercise caution, as the weather can quickly become hazardous. When tropical storms come close to shore, beach surf may be rough and can create deadly rip currents, and storm surges will push water further and faster than you might expect.  Streets may possibly flood and can become impassable for cars.  Remember, “turn around…don’t drown.”  It may also be dangerous to walk in flooded streets, as downed power lines may make the water an electrocution hazard or harmful bacteria may be present.  Also, be advised that the Sanibel Causeway will be closed during sustained winds of 40 mph or higher.

When the storm passes, Sanibel tends to get tons of new shells washing ashore in the following day or two.  So stay safe so you can enjoy it!