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15 Apr 2022
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One of the most common needs when visiting Sanibel (or any beach location, for that matter) is beach-style towels.  We at Sanibel Holiday are often asked if the condos and homes we rent have beach towels, which is not as easy to answer as you'd think.

Some property owners do provide towels for beach use, but some don't and are not required to do so.  However, they can be hard to keep track of and sometimes tend to disappear with guests (accidentally or otherwise).  It adds a little unnecessary stress to your vacation if you have to rush to a shop on the islands to purchase new ones at various prices.  And pre-packing your own leaves less room in your bags, especially if you're trying to make room for souvenirs.

A couple of years ago, we decided to address this issue and came up with our own Sanibel Holiday beach towels.  They are high quality, absorbent, and available at any time during your stay.  You can either pre-order them for your entire stay or call to arrange a delivery *during* your trip if you find there aren't any in your place or not to your satisfaction.  Our towels are cost-effective to rent at $3.00 per towel (plus tax) for the duration (regardless of how long you have them).  You do not need to launder our towels at the end of your stay, as they will be picked up by housekeeping, cleaned, and returned to our office.  (Please note, property owners do ask you to launder *their* towels.)

So now, you can rest a little easier on the beach on our towels and concentrate on getting that suntan or watching dolphins swim by.  Be sure to Book Direct and Save with Sanibel Holiday while you save a little room in your suitcases for shells. (We have "starter shells" in our lobby.)