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Film camera

This week, Spider-Man: Far From Home premieres on the big screen (and *will* be at the Island Cinema at Bailey’s Shopping Center).  As summer is home to blockbuster movies, it should be noted that Southwest Florida is no stranger to stardom.  With that in mind, here’s a...

Sanibel Captiva Lions club

Sanibel Island, for its size and population numbers, (low even in busy high season when snowbirds return to their tropical nests), is one of the most generous locations in all of Florida.
There is formalized giving and just impromptu generosity as well. There are large gifts...

Oscar Award

Ok, so the Academy Awards are over.

Some people are happy with the choices, and some are not.

Our only bone of contention with the presentations is that they fell short of recognizing our amazing cast of characters who inhabit our tropical paradise and all...