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24 Sep 2019
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Things to do on Sanibel

Sanibel has been widely known not only for its beaches and connection to nature, but has also been home to the BIG ARTS (Barrier Island Group for the Arts) program bringing performing arts, galleries of fine art, educational programs, select films and documentaries, and community contributions to the islands.

Not only is BIG ARTS celebrating their upcoming 41st season, they’re doing it with a brand-new building for a bigger stage and better sound for their performance hall, among other improvements.  We are also invited to see the process from start-to-finish on their website, from a photo collage to a Live Work Zone Cam with time-lapse playback.

We could tell you all that’s happening in the coming months, but to paraphrase Richard Dreyfuss, “We’d need a bigger blog.”  Instead we invite you to go to (Caps not required…just seemed appropriate) to learn all about the upcoming concerts, dramas, comedies, and galleries or to support and/or sponsor its “Dream Season” in 2020.

And remember that BIG ARTS is one more part of how Sanibel Holiday guests Explore Like a Tourist and Live Like a Native.  Book Direct and Save!