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12 Aug 2021
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Guest blogger Matt had a scary start to his weekend…

“I was just about to head out around 6:30 Friday night and was throwing a palm frond into the trash when it happened.  I looked and not twenty feet away from me was a bobcat! Looking right at me! I rose to stand upright and, without thinking about it, started to raise my hands and exclaimed, ‘Holy $h*!,’ which was apparently enough to scare him off without a trace.”

That was actually the best thing to do under the circumstances.  When confronted by a bobcat or panther, you want to make yourself look bigger and make noise.  Don’t approach it or crouch down or squat, as it will make you look like smaller prey.  And, above all else, DON’T RUN!

Bobcats are about twice the size of a standard house cat, usually tan or light brown with dark streaks, with tails that are notoriously short (or “bobbed,” so no, it’s not short for “robertcat”).  They prefer think forests and swamps for their main den and any secure “rest stops.”  They mainly hunt rabbits, squirrels, and rats as well as migrating birds.  Bobcats are very stealthy and, unless sick or injured, stick to their paths to avoid people and are not aggressive towards them.

To prevent attracting bobcats or other wild animals, secure any pet food and/or garbage (Don’t put it out the night before.).  Don’t set up feeding stations (i.e. bird feeders) which might indicate a good place to find prey.  Most especially, keep your own pets indoors or leashed under your supervision (i.e. walking your dog).

Please follow this link for more information about bobcats and other Florida wildlife.

Book Direct and Save! (And never laugh at a bobcat’s tail…they have short tempers about that.)