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4 Sep 2021
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MERRY CHRISTMAS! (But,'s barely September.  What happened to the pumpkin spice?)

We said that because "It's Always Christmas at The Bubble Room," one of Captiva Island's legendary restaurants.  From the first step inside it looks like Christmas from the 1920s to the 1940s exploded all over the place, with displays, memorabilia, and aquariums combined with great food and service.

For such a spectacular location, it had a modest beginning.  The Bubble Room opened in 1979 by the Farquarson family with only 23 tables and only Christmas "bubble lights" to provide illumination.  From there they collected antique toys, posters, and other displays to decorate, which continues to this day and has expanded the restaurant into three floors and five themed dining rooms.  People of all ages are amazed by the moving trains along the ceilings on all three floors, model airplanes, and photos of Hollywood's golden age and legends. Even the glass top tables display various toys, comics, sheet music, and other scenes from yesteryear as big band music is played throughout.

Upon being seated, guests are served by "Bubble Scouts," very entertaining waitstaff dressed in stylized Scout uniforms (right down to the neckerchief).  One of the first items brought before every meal is their famous "Bubble Bread" and sticky buns.  If they aren't all gone by the end of the night, they are likely brought home for tomorrow's breakfast.  Entrees include roast "Duck Ellington," "The Eddie Fisherman" (wrapped in a paper bag to seal the heat and flavor), and the humongous "Tarzan" prime rib (once called the "Johnny Weismuller"), among others.  But they are also famous for their LARGE sizes of amazing cakes, including the "Orange Crunch" and Red Velvet.

The Bubble Room also has a gift shop "Emporium" across the street from the restaurant, as well as their new ice cream parlor and soda bar (Boop's) across the parking lot.  Either way, you can enjoy the outdoor seating area and take a picture with Bobo, the Bubble Room Gorilla (unless he escaped again).  Just another reason why this place has become world-famous.  A few years ago, it was featured on The Food Network's "Craziest Restaurants in America."

Be sure to visit The Bubble Room at 15001 Captiva Drive (just past the only intersection and before the fire station), open 7 days a week.  For larger parties, be sure to make reservations at (239) 472-5558.

Book Direct and Save (and watch out for Bobo)!