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30 May 2018
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Sanibel Fare

No doubt about it.

Key Lime Pie is iconic of Florida.

Every town, city and suburb has at least one place that boasts the best Key Lime Pie in Florida.

And we have tasted many selections.

They have varied from the super good to the mediocre.

And the differences are quite discernible.

There are Key Lime Pies that are tart, Key Lime Pies that are sweet, Key Lime Pies that have the consistency of cheese cake and Key Lime Pies that have the texture of jello.

So, to be honest, choosing the best Key Lime Pie on Sanibel Island is very contingent on your expectations and tastes. They are all special in their own way.

We would like to point out some of our favorites in this blog post, but also invite you to comment with your reactions and suggestions.

Cip's Key Lime Pie has got to be in the top considerations. In fact, all Cip's desserts rate five stars! Their Key Lime Pie and the Whiskey Walnut Pie are must try’s, but be prepared to share, serving portions are ample for two. Cip's pie is definitely tart, but of a thicker consistency than others on the Island. If that is to your liking, you will probably love Cip's!

The Sanibel Grill has great key lime pie. Doc Ford's is not as tangy but has great flavor and texture.

We also have to admit that Key Lime Pie with a view is better than Key Lime Pie without a view. And on that level, we thoroughly enjoy the Key Lime Pie at Grandma Dot's where the boats and waterways totally enhance the taste of the food. In addition, Grandma Dot's Key Lime Pie has a very distinctive taste as it has ginger snaps for a crust. You can ask for your whipped creme on the pie or on the side, so we suggest an on the side allowing you to taste and savor the flavor before adding on the extra sweetness.

Sanibel Cafe serves a classic key lime pie, the filling had the perfect fragile set and was very creamy, but not at all dense. The filling was maybe 3/4" thick only - which is exactly what it's supposed to be.

Trader's is next closest to the classic filling.

Timber's and Grandma Dot's are similar to each other but the filling is a cross between a classic and cheesecake style.

Those are our top picks, but we would love to hear from you!