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8 Feb 2018
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Hints and Tips

Any one traveling out of their own area needs to know essentials of where they are going.

This is especially true of health care.

On vacation, we never think of the worse and often believe bad weather is the cloud hanging over our heads.

Generally and most usually that is the case.

We go to a beautiful natural island, swim and sail , enjoy nature, collect shells and discover the tropical delights.

But even the best laid plans can go astray. A bad cold, a nasty cut with knife while slicing cheese or a fall off a bike can lead us down a different path.

And though Sanibel is a tiny island, it is not necessary to leave paradise to find good care for what ever ails us.

On Sanibel Island there are several family practice physicians/medical clinics, but no hospitals. Dr. Gary Wright,  (Sanibel Medical Clinic), Dr. P. Denis Kuehner (San-Cap Medical Center), Dr. Scott Dunavant (Dunavant Medical Group) and Dr. Richard Wilson (Island Medical Clinic) are the family practice physicians.

You can Google these names and Sanibel Island and obtain their office locations and telephone numbers. These easily accessible offices/clinics are open five days a week (M-F) hours vary. The San-Cap Medical Center is also open on Saturday. During the day these physicians can probably handle most uncomplicated medical problems.

During the evenings/nights, on Sundays and for true emergencies, you probably need to go directly to the HealthPark Medical Center which is just over the causeway off Summerlin Road and is less than 15 minutes from Sanibel Island.

We trust your time on Island will be special with no worries, but isn't it nice to know that you will be fully covered if a health issue does arise?