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10 Jul 2018
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Sanibel Outdoors

It is that time of year again, those months when we are on alert for tropical storms and hurricanes passing by or even actually visiting our beautiful barrier island.

Even though they rarely hit, the fact that they just might has an impact. Oh yes, the weather can be annoying. On a day like today where the sun is in and out and we are wondering when it will make up its mind.

But for today, there has been no rain. This kind of back and forth is what hurricane season is like. Will we get one or not? But whether we do or do not, Summer weather on Sanibel is predictable.

You can put away your sweaters and jackets. A cool day in Summer may mean dropping down to 82. There are no great swings in temperatures as there can be in Winter.

Make sure you have your umbrella handy. Generally, you can count on rain storms in the late afternoon and early evening. You will be sure to see some outstanding electrical storms from time to time, as well as lush green landscaping.

You can also count on the beaches being a little less busy and if you are lucky, see dolphins and manatee patrolling the waters.

You know that restaurant you can never get into during Winter season? Summer is a great time to make your way in and have a nice, leisurely meal.

Your favorite condo may not always be available when the crowds are on the Island, but you have a much better chance to book during Summer. Both homes and condos are substantially more economical during these months as well.

Another advantage of hurricane season is the diversity of people who visit the Island. Seniors still flock here, though there are probably more families with children. If you sit on the beach and listen closely, you will most likely hear different languages being spoken as our Summer families come from far and wide.

So "Hurricane Season” is a great time to see Sanibel...for the first time or the fiftieth time. Come and see for yourself!