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6 Mar 2018
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Ok, so the Academy Awards are over.

Some people are happy with the choices, and some are not.

Our only bone of contention with the presentations is that they fell short of recognizing our amazing cast of characters who inhabit our tropical paradise and all those whose work contributes to the wonderful show that is played out every day of the year.

Were we to hand out Oscars, these are the categories we would like to create and the candidates for each category:

For best visual effects, we would have a tough time choosing just what aspect of the Island would win. The contenders are clearly the Gulf of Mexico for clarity and transparency, the sunsets for awesome color, the star filled nights that could bring tears to a lover's eyes, and the summer storms that bring not only rain, but some pretty amazing light shows.

For best sound effects, we would take the sound of those summer storms, the loud booms that rock the palm trees, and contrast them with the barely perceptible chirps of the crickets after dark. We would also nominate the ever present and high pitched whistle of our ospreys and those owls whose hoots in the dark bring magic to the Island.

For best costume design, well, there is no question that our Roseate Spoonbills would have to be nominated for their pink plumes, that the Painted Bunting, much more difficult to spot but yet resplendent in a variety of hues, would certainly be in the running, and we might have to give a nod to our local armadillos. Though no competition in color with the Rosies and Buntings, is there a more original and eye catching costume on the Island? We think not.

For best supporting actor, there is the alligator in Ding Darling who can often be seen in the water, an Anhinga or Cormorant perched on his back. And there are the towering palms that support bird life and nesting pairs all year round. Perhaps more subtle, but definitely worthy of consideration are the gentle waters of the Gulf where hundreds of Pelicans float in confidence knowing that another meal is just a few inches under them.

For best actor/actress, we have to find nominees on both land and in the sea whose performances stand out, even in a field of spectacular entertainment. Leading the list would be our dolphins, whose playful antics in the sea delight visitors throughout the Island. The largest contender by far are our gentle manatees who do not leap, but swim softly through our waters, raising their big heads to peer around them and creating an unforgettable sight to behold. But size is not everything, and some of our birds who preen and pace, like those herons and egrets who walk along the edge of the beach or raise their wings to see prey in shallow bayou waters rank right up there with their engaging performances.

As for best picture, we'll let you come up with those special nominations. Is it the lighthouse on the east end? Sail boats in the sunset? The stunning causeway to the Island? There are many more "sights" we know you can come up with, and we hope you will.