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The new App from the Shell Museum is now available for iPhone. Coming soon to the Play Store!

Identify shells with your phone and a photo.

  • Open the Shell Museum app, snap a photo and learn the name of your shell in seconds.
  • Learn even more details about the shell and see photos of the living animal that created it.

Browse the Museum’s Shell Guide right on your phone.

  • Full-color photos of the most common Southwest Florida shells.
  • Easily search for a particular shell by photo or by name.

Follow the daily activities at the Nation Shell Museum.

  • Get info on Beach Walks and daily Tank Talks.
  • Make reservations for upcoming activities.
  • Find out about special events and programs.

You can Experience the beach in a whole new light!

This App can identify most common shells found on Sanibel beaches. Learn more about the shell and it’s life while you are at the beach doing the “Sanibel Stoop”.

It was created by the Nation’s leading shell experts at the Bailey-Matthews Nation Shell Museum. It is a revolutionary shell identification tool to help you instantly identify more than 65 common shells.

The initial set up had over 35,000 shell images, the app uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to learn how to identify shells. So every phot you submit makes the app better by adding to the growing knowledge.

You can find it by searching “Shell Museum” in the app store, or by clicking here

Once you've downloaded the app be sure to start planning your next Sanibel vacation so that you can use it! Search Sanibel Holiday Vacation Rentals Now!