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13 May 2021
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Sanibel Wildlife

When the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum completed their renovations last year, one of their biggest additions was a large aquarium with (among other live mollusks), a Giant Pacific Octopus!

Now the Museum has introduced their brand new Octo-Cam ( and offers a live look available 24/7.  Since GPOs are typically nocturnal, you probably won’t see anything during normal business hours.  So, if you have other plans this evening, the page includes prior recordings of the octopus as it accustoms to its new home.  The “Egg Hunt” and “Trying to Open a Jar” seem to the most entertaining.  We recommend viewing these videos in full-screen for the best effect.

We hope you enjoy these videos and have a chance to come down and Meet the Mollusks in person someday.

Book Direct and Save! And sing along…..I’d like to be…under the an octopus’ garden, in the shade!