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15 Apr 2021
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Sanibel OutdoorsSanibel Wildlife

Spring is here and the wildlife is out there.  One of the rarest sights on Sanibel is the Florida panther, which was seen last Sunday evening around 6pm in the Jamaica Drive/Tahiti Drive area off Sanibel-Captiva Road.  The photos were taken from a bedroom window (The photographer was not brave enough to get a closer shot.).


An endangered species, Florida panthers are distinguishable from bobcats with a sleeker yellow or tan coat, long tail, and sheer size (at least 4 times the size of a bobcat).  Both are nocturnal

With either species of wild cat, as long as they do not feel threatened or cornered, they should leave you alone.  Be sure to keep garbage inside as long as possible to prevent attracting animals into “exploring” for food.

If you are confronted by a panther or bobcat, give it space and don’t approach.  Do not bend over or squat, as it will make you look like small prey.  Make yourself appear even bigger! And most of all, DON’T RUN!

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