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Lunch on Sanibel Beach

These days the beach on Sanibel has more appeal than ever.

The heat and humidity is greatly diminished by the cool breezes at the shore.

A variety of beautiful birds can be found scurrying around the sand.

Dolphins are frequently seen displaying their charms in...

Scoops of Ice Cream

Choosing a place to eat on Sanibel is difficult enough.

There are good restaurants, cafes and pizzerias from end to end on the Island.

But choosing the place to get ice cream may be even more of a challenge, a very delicious challenge.

It's not...

Couple making dinner

We all know that there are dozens of good restaurants on Sanibel Island. Some are fancier than others, and some are better than others, but no one is going to go back home saying that there was no good food to be found on their...