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31 Jul 2020
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When you are checking in at Sanibel Holiday, one of the things we will mention is regarding any leftover food you have at the end of your stay.  If you have any unopened, non-perishable food when you’re ready to depart, please feel free to bring it back to our office (we promise, we’re not going to eat it.).  We donate it to a local charity called F.I.S.H of SanCap.

What is F.I.S.H?

F.I.S.H. stands for “Food programs, Island-based, Social services, Helping hands” and has been operating on Sanibel for almost 40 years, dedicated to “neighbors helping neighbors” in various ways. F.I.S.H offers a range of services and programs to the community from providing meals, providing school supplies, hurricane prep, and providing reliable transportation. They also host workshops on many subjects to help residents secure themselves and their future (financially, medically, etc.).

Many think that Sanibel and Captiva have a mainly wealthy populace, but there are many who live on the island that face harder times. With the current state of the nation and the effects of COVID-19, the number of those needing help has grown. With the help of the Sanibel Island and Captiva Island community, F.I.S.H. is able to provide assistance and relief through its various programs and services below. 

 Through their fundraising and donations in 2019 alone, F.I.S.H. has received and used almost 125 tons of donated food (including what Sanibel Holiday guests have provided), supported youth programs, and provided food and back-to-school supplies, provided hundreds of food baskets and gifts for holidays, and so much more.

How Can Our Sanibel Island and Captiva Island Guests Help?

When planning your next trip to Sanibel and Captiva, please think of giving back to those that help make these islands the paradise that you love so much.  As mentioned before, Sanibel Holiday accepts unopened, non-perishable food during our business hours.  Food donations are also accepted at F.I.S.H. of SanCap’s headquarters at 2430-B Periwinkle Way (behind the Blue Rendez-Vous Bistro ) and at Bailey’s General Store (among other locations). We appreciate all who help our neighbors and who make SanCap a place of community and love.