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23 Jan 2018
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Being in the vacation rental business on Sanibel Island I often think back to my childhood vacations and wonder how we ever survived as a family of four in a hotel room. Even the most spacious hotel rooms lack the space required to allow each family member to claim their own private space, not to mention the fact that many hotel rooms don't have kitchen areas. I fondly remember a trip to Myrtle Beach where my brother realized my parents had been "tricking" him out of one meal a day. I still haven't figured out if this was done to save money since eating out was a necessary evil due to our room not offering a kitchen, or if it was a time restraint situation since we were trying to pack as much fun into a day as possible. In any event I'm sure it's a conundrum that many families find themselves in when staying in a hotel versus a fully equipped condo. Eating out is not only expensive but it takes up time that is better served soaking up the sunshine at the beach.

In the current economic climate we felt it might prove helpful to point out the advantages to renting a Sanibel Holiday fully equipped condo or home while vacationing on beautiful Sanibel Island. 

  • You can save hundreds of dollars during a one week trip by preparing most of your meals in your home or condo rental. A family of four could spend on average $100 a night just for dinner at a restaurant, which adds up to $700 for the week!
  • Most condo and home rentals provide in-unit washers and dryers which allows you to pack less. This saves you on those pesky luggage fees that many airlines are charging these days.
  • Many condo and home rentals have weekly rates versus nightly rates which can add up to huge savings. Nightly hotel rates are normally inflated to cover cleaning and turnover costs.

With the extra space that a condo or home provides a family can really spread out and have fun. Most two bedroom units provide two, if not three, televisions which means the adults can watch a movie of their choice while the kids watch what they want. Plus, the dining room table is a great place for family game night.

Think of all the money your can save by spending a few fun nights “in” while you are vacationing. It’s also a great way to reconnect with your family and friends, something most of us don’t have enough time for these days. Sanibel Island is the perfect place to have a fun, affordable vacation. Visit us today and see just how great a retreat to paradise can be!