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It sure seems like summer is here already on Sanibel, but it’s still spring! :O

There’s a recent song by Jesse Rice called, “Go Away Cloud,” part of which goes, “I didn’t come all this way just to see no gray.”  While summer is the rainy season in Florida, it’s not like April showers in the north with days without sun and continuous rainfall.  The Sunshine State lives up to its name, as the weather pattern tends to follow a routine where we have sunny and hot mornings and early afternoons, with a brief thunderstorm usually in the late afternoon or early evening.  They say the weather is so predictable, you could almost set your watch by it.

Sanibel and Captiva seem to be especially fortunate, because on some days there’s virtually no rainfall here while the mainland gets socked with thunderboomers.  That said, be sure to stay safe if you ever see storms rolling in.  Florida is often called the Lightning Capital of the United States with more lightning strikes than anywhere else.  We have a saying about storms; “If you hear it, fear it.  If you see it, flee it!”

Sanibel Holiday’s website includes links regarding weather and beach conditions, via The Weather Channel and the Mote Marine Laboratory.  

And if your day is at least partially interrupted by rainfall, there are still plenty of options to take your mind off the weather.  Sanibel Holiday has plenty of information regarding island attractions, shops, and restaurants.

Like Jimmy Buffett says, “The Weather Is Here” this summer.  Come enjoy it with Sanibel Holiday! Visit our rentals now!