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24 Oct 2017
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Hints and Tips

Sanibel Island is a haven for all creatures, great and small.

Wild life abounds and accommodations are made for those who travel with their pets.

Many condos and private homes allow vacationers to bring their four legged companions with them.

Some restrict canines by size and weight, but we will do our best to accomidate you and your best friend.

Most beaches invite pooches to walk the shore line as long as they are on a leash.

And you can find good veterinary care as well as pet sitters right on island.

So there is no reason not to bring your best friend with you.

But some precautions are in order so that both you and your pet will have the best possible time.

Even though your vacation rental allows pets , life is easier when you protect the residence from any potential reactions on the part of your pet. Covering up upholstered furniture, keeping your pet caged while you are out or closing off rooms that are most vulnerable will all be beneficial actions for you and your special tail wagger.

But the outside precautions are even more important to heed.

Pets should never be kept in a car with no one in attendance. Heat and humidity can be intense on Sanibel, and even open windows will not be sufficient. Pets should never be given room to roam outside of the home. There are many predators on the island , from alligators to birds of prey, that could attack your little one. And, if you like to walk, bike or jog with your dog by your side, remember to bring some water along for your pet and yourself. Lastly, though it is great fun to bring Fido to the beach, the sun is just as hot for 4 leggers as they are for 2 leggers, so do bring your little pal under the umbrella with you.

And one final piece of advice on pet friendly vacations. Pet friendly properties are the first to get rented, so if you really want one, the earlier you look and the sooner you book, the better!