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19 Jun 2018
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Sanibel Outdoors

Some people may think that Sanibel is a ghost town in the Summer, and there is no denying it can get pretty hot and humid. These temperatures keep visitors in the Gulf, in the pool or in the air conditioning during the hottest hours.

But, the truth is that there are some very special aspects to vacationing on Sanibel during the Summer. While the Island does not attract quite the number of people in Summer that it does in Winter, (which is part of it's appeal) Europeans and local Floridians have realized that there are many pleasures in visiting Sanibel June through August.

In this economy, taking a week or more for a vacation in a beautiful, tropical retreat might seem like a luxury.

The value of a Summer stay on Sanibel is; in part, the affordability. While prices on Caribbean Island accommodations only decrease slightly in Summer months, prices on Sanibel are cut in half from Winter rates. Restaurants offer seating without waiting, air fares can often be found at remarkably low prices and even car rentals are often at a discount.

Then, you may ask yourself if quality is found with the value.

Well, consider this: the Gulf is generally so comfortable in temperature, one can spend hours in it without the slightest chill. The rain that comes is largely late afternoon and evening. These storms create a sound and light show unparalleled. They leave the Island wet and steamy, but by the next morning there is barely a sign that they were ever there. The Island never looks greener than in the height of summer.

The Summer rain allows and invites you to explore other aspects of a Sanibel vacation. Go to the charming Sanibel library and browse the books. Take a stroll around Periwinkle Place and visit the shops. Have an early dinner at the Green Flash and watch the sound and light show. The restaurant is situated on the waters of Roosevelt Channel. You can overlook the Intracoastal Waterway, the tranquil waters of Pine Island Sound, and the pristine beauty of Buck Key. This makes for the perfect spot to watch the Sanibel Summer strut its stuff.

Come visit Sanibel this Summer and you will be delighted with all the pleasures and treasures to be found!