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13 Nov 2018
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Sanibel Outdoors

10. Windsurf / Kite Board: Whether you want to be attached to a kite or sail, the Sanibel Causeway with its winds is the place you want to be. You can see many surfers just off Island A on a windy day.

9. Kayak / Canoe: The Causeway is a good place to launch. You can head toward the lighthouse and fishing pier or further into the bay. You can see many fish, manatees or dolphins and maybe if you’re lucky all 3!

8. Stand up paddle board (S.U.P): If you’re a beginner there are several companies that give lessons for this. YOLO Board Adventures or Ace Performer are a good place to start.

7. Jet Ski: Race around the bay on one of these fun machines. Make sure you wear your life vest and watch out for swimmers!

6. Fish: You can catch many species of fish here on our causeway. Trout, Flounder, Ladyfish and an occasional Red or Snook. But, make sure you get a Florida saltwater fishing license. The Bait Box, Whitney’s or even Walmart can provide you with one.

5. Picnic, tailgate or barbeque: Enjoy a sunset or an entire day on the causeway. There are picnic tables and charcoal grills available for your use. You can also bring your own, but remember to make sure your grill is out when you’re done. Also, remember there are no alcoholic beverages allowed on the causeway.

4. Wade / Swim: Always a fun pastime. Just remember that the “old” causeway was sunk just off shore of the existing one. Watch your feet.

3. Shell: What would a trip to Sanibel be without some shelling? You will see many people doing the “Sanibel stoop”.

2. Sunbathe: Make sure you bring your sunscreen, hat and umbrella. The Sanibel sun can be strong.

1. Relax / People watch: Bring a good book and some music. Watch your children frolic and play in the bay waters.