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29 May 2020
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Vacation Rentals

Let’s face it…one day (hopefully, sooner rather than later), we WILL be able to venture forth and travel again.  It’s going to be in our DNA to get as far away from our house as we can.  We’ve spoken to a lot of guests in the past couple of months and one thing we hear most often is, “we REALLY want to come to Sanibel this year.”

Sanibel remains one of the most popular destinations no matter what.  We have recovered from an major oil spill (that didn’t actually reach our shores), Hurricane Andrew, the massive Red Tide outbreak in 2018, and it will survive COVID-19 and the loss of winter revenue from the “safer-at-home” order.  So what do we have that other places (cough, Miami, cough, Fort Myers Beach, cough, Key West) don’t?

  1. We have one of the best beaches in the world, and it was NEVER CLOSED!  The City of Sanibel has jurisdiction on most of the beach access points (except for Bowman’s Beach, Blind Pass, Captiva, and the Causeway islands).  Though all fifteen miles of it is public property, there are only a few public access points.  To deter day travelers from coming over and possibly crowding the beaches and raising the risk, the City Council closed those public parking lots and parks.  Even if you were here in March and April, you could still walk onto the beach from your condo and enjoy the water and the beautiful shells without fear of reprimand or arrest.  There’s plenty of room to spread out on our beaches while other beaches are almost jammed together like gridlock.
  2. Sanibel is a better place to enjoy when you’ve had enough of being cooped up and just HAVE TO go outside.  With the biking trails, the Wildlife Refuge (which also remained open to drive through), and (once again) the beach, we provide a safe and relaxing environment as opposed to some concrete jungle.  And the weather has been sunny with lower humidity than normal, which has been a blessing, while some places up north are still getting freeze warnings and snow in mid-May!
  3. We may not have Space Mountain or the Daytona 500, but it is quieter here than there.  We recently heard about a guest who had to cancel a trip which included Sanibel and Disney World.  Their children were actually MORE upset that they were going to miss Sanibel than Disney.
  4. Our unique shops are open again! Can you say the same in your area?

The Governor’s order has expired, with new previsions. We can not rent to states that have 700 cases per 100,000 people. Which at this time is; NY, NJ, CT, MA, DE, MD, IL, DC, LA & RI. We think this list will shrink when FL moves into phase 2 (hopefully soon, so stay tuned). So what are the perks of a condo or home rental vs a hotel?

  1. A vacation home or condo includes a full kitchen with all the appliances and tools you’d need for a special dinner you’ve wanted to prepare and enjoy.  The island’s got a lot of great restaurants, but sometimes you want something on your own terms.  Ever feel like breakfast for dinner? Dinner after 10pm? Your own kitchen = less rush + less expense.  Plus, you have your own dining room and living room.  It’s just part of exploring like a tourist, but living like a native!
  2. Some of us are NOT morning people.  One thing that you don’t want to bother with is putting up a “Do Not Disturb” sign or be awakened with a knock on the door and “HOUSEKEEPING!” When you’re in a vacation rental, your day runs at YOUR pace (“We’ve been up since the crack of noon”).  No housekeeping is performed during your stay unless you request it.  Sanibel Holiday can schedule in-stay cleanings for an extra fee.
  3. We have properties in various locations all over Sanibel Island, most of which have direct beach access (no crossing the road).  If you don’t like the West End, we can put you in the East End and vice versa.

Whenever or however you can travel, come to Sanibel Island and Book Direct and Save with Sanibel Holiday! Until then, stay safe and healthy!