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18 Oct 2017
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Sanibel Wildlife

The term sighting most often refers to wild life.

A sighting of a rare bird, like the American Redstart observed on the Shell Mound Trail last week.

Or the sighting of coyotes from time to time.

But we are using the term in a special way in this instance.

That said , it is a cause for great appreciation of a small treasure.

The Ding Darling Nature Store now has holiday cards in stock.

And this year the cards are more delightful than ever.

There are 5 designs in a pack, one cuter than the other. All designs use photos taken in Ding Darling, focusing on wild life of all kinds. The cards are colorful, upbeat and nice quality, a package of 18 for about $15.00. While a unique holiday card, they are a very good buy as well.

And if having adorable and affordable cards available were not enough of incentive to purchase a few packs, the fact that 100% of the sales of the cards will go to the educational programs and wild life research at the J.N. Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge.

We are buying up the packages both to use individually for our friends and family as our holiday card wishing them happy holidays. And we are buying them as gifts for friends and family as well.

We particularly like the statement in all the cards: "May the beauty of Nature fill your heart with peace and joy throughout the year."

While it is not religious, it certainly is uplifting.

And we agree that the beauty of nature is both life affirming and joyful.

That's why we live and work here. So much beauty of nature to be found on Sanibel. We hope you will come and look for yourself. And while you are at it, pick up a few packages of holiday cards!