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Lady doing "Sanibel Stoop" on shoreline

There is the short history of shelling on Sanibel. The Island ranks in the top 3 world destinations for shelling and for many, that is all they know and all they need to know.

 When you take a Sanibel beach walk, you will be greeted...

No no-see-ums

This post will address a small but very big concern.

Those who travel to Sanibel have alluded to tiny biting flies that often live near water. They are so tiny, they are not generally visible and hence their appropriate name, no-see-ums. Much like the mosquito...

Florida Hurricane Season

It is that time of year again, those months when we are on alert for tropical storms and hurricanes passing by or even actually visiting our beautiful barrier island.

Even though they rarely hit, the fact that they just might has an impact. Oh yes,...

Beautiful Sunshine Sky

Some people may think that Sanibel is a ghost town in the Summer, and there is no denying it can get pretty hot and humid. These temperatures keep visitors in the Gulf, in the pool or in the air conditioning during the hottest hours.


Welcome to Sanibel Beach sign

Most anyone who has ever visited our Island agrees that the beach rocks.

Because most of Sanibel is a nature preserve, the beach is gently used by humans and greatly used by our fine feathered friends.

It's an easy place to relax, read, gather shells,...

Sanibel view with palm tree

Because all 12 miles of Sanibel are lined with green tropicality, it is easy to overlook just how many varieties of trees and shrubs contribute to the Island's lush beauty.

Take the palm trees, as one example.

A short bike ride or ambitious walk will...

Pond Apple Trail sign

Though Sanibel is a hidden treasure itself, often considered the jewel in Sanibel's crown, it contains dozens of nooks and crannies well worth exploring.

Here are some of our favorites, and we hope you will add some of your own.

Periwinkle Park's Mini Zoo:
Sanibel Island...

Sanibel Island Farmers Market

Tis the season as they say, and looking at the traffic on the internet all searches appear headed toward an early celebration. So many people are looking for that perfect gift!

On Sanibel, we are given gifts daily...the sunshine, seemingly perpetual, the blue skies and...