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Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge Sign

Speaking of Summer Time Pleasures and Treasures! If you read our last blog you know that Sanibel does not turn into a Ghost town during this season. 

Lots of things to be done here on Island. You can choose to sit by the pool, ride...

Sanibel Beach, Kids with sign, I love you dad

For those fortunate enough to be on the Island for Father's Day, June 17, the opportunities to wine, dine and gift dad make it an especially nice place to be.

Day activities might range from a picnic at the beach to a bike ride around...

Family on Beach cartoon

Is your child an adventurous type? Is your child curious? Does your child love to swim? Love animals? Love discovering?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will quickly find out why kids love Sanibel. Where else can you vacation in the...

Man catching goliath grouper

Sanibel Island is a natural, peaceful, tropical retreat. But don't let that fool you into thinking that it is dull.

Those with a keen spirit of adventure can find plenty to do on the Island And for those seeking some hair raising activities, you will...

Sanibel Junonia

I enjoy plants and gardening quite a bit. It’s fun to go to a garden center and look at all the different varieties of flowers, vegetables and herbs that are on display. I usually go with the intention of buying something to add to my...

Sanibel Bikes in front of Beach path

Considered an exceptional biking destination, Sanibel attracts bicyclists of all ages.

And certainly one can travel from furthest east to furthest west points on the Island by bike.

Bike trails , safe and lightly used, traverse the entire island creating a 25 mile path.