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Sanibel Holiday home on the top, Sanibel Holiday condo complex on bottom

Choices for Sanibel vacation rentals often revolve around location.

Where one wants to be on the Island, helps to shape the option chosen in making a booking.

Similarly, how one wants to live on vacation, has a tremendous impact on whether a private home or...

Drawings in the beach sand

There probably is no better time to examine history than at the start of a new year.

And though most come to Sanibel Island for shelling, birding, biking, fishing and swimming; there is history to the island that can be as engrossing.

Historians believe that...

Lee County News

We all know and love Sanibel as a peaceful, pretty place.

A lot of us use to leave doors and windows open and cars unlocked based on the Island's exemplary record for safe living.

So it came as a bit of a shock when a...

Sanibel Island Farmers Market

Tis the season as they say, and looking at the traffic on the internet all searches appear headed toward an early celebration. So many people are looking for that perfect gift!

On Sanibel, we are given gifts daily...the sunshine, seemingly perpetual, the blue skies and...

Gulf Fritillary

“Butterflies are self propelled flowers. ”
― R.H. Heinlein

And so we who love Sanibel would agree. While there is so much wild life on Sanibel Island that the "mere" butterfly can easily be missed, those who love these self propelled flowers will not be...