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Dancing Dolphin

There are few things on Sanibel that stop people in their tracks as well as the sighting of a dolphin.

We can be swimming in the water, walking the beach or boating the Gulf, and one dolphin leaping for joy, let alone a pod swimming...

Sanibel view with palm tree

Because all 12 miles of Sanibel are lined with green tropicality, it is easy to overlook just how many varieties of trees and shrubs contribute to the Island's lush beauty.

Take the palm trees, as one example.

A short bike ride or ambitious walk will...

Pond Apple Trail sign

Though Sanibel is a hidden treasure itself, often considered the jewel in Sanibel's crown, it contains dozens of nooks and crannies well worth exploring.

Here are some of our favorites, and we hope you will add some of your own.

Periwinkle Park's Mini Zoo:
Sanibel Island...


Any one traveling out of their own area needs to know essentials of where they are going.

This is especially true of health care.

On vacation, we never think of the worse and often believe bad weather is the cloud hanging over our heads.


Heart in sand being washed away by small wave

Although Sanibel is a family place, full of activities for adults and children alike, it is also a very romantic spot.

The tropical vegetation, sounds of the Gulf, clear star lit skies, beckon those in love to see and experience the Island in a special...